About us

About us

Our mission, vision & values


To make Arab World and Europe more understandable for each other.

NAHDA Foundation aspires to:


cultural encounters and personal connections between Arabs, Poles and Europeans.


mutual interest and fascination in Polish, European and Arab art, culture, and science.


better understanding based on openness without prejudice.

Our vision

Nahda provides direct, personal and open communication as mean for more profound and solid connection that leads to greater cooperation, enriching coexistence between Poles, Europeans and Arabs. We achieve it through intercultural and interdisciplinary projects, run both on national and European level. Our activity have an impact on policymaking in the field of culture and foreign affairs.

Our values

NAHDA Foundation cares about and promotes:


we understand “Others” in their cultural, social, political and emotional context.


we want to learn about “Others” without prejudice, we also want to tell them about us.


we are inspired by a wide range of cultural habits, values, attitudes and achievements.


we feel equal to “Others” and we treat them equally.


we promote personal, candid and straightforward approach.

We operate as a:

Trusted adviser

for those who would like to run themselves educational, awareness rising or artistic projects presenting values of one culture to another.


for Polish, European and Arab artists, civil entrepreneurs, scientists and those who share our mission and values. We organize meetings, conferences, cultural events to increase Arab-Polish-European connections.


to the Arab world for Poles and Europeans who wish to explore it and understand it and to Poland and Europe for anybody from the Arab community who want to inquire and comprehend Poland, Europe and its culture and people. We carry out artistic and educational projects in Poland and in the Middle East that display current Arabic and Polish cultural scene and society through cinema, music and literature.

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