Nahda Foundation is a non-profit organisation established to increase awareness and understanding of Middle East region.Nahda Foundation is a cultural awareness platform where Polish citizens are invited to join various cultural activities and learn more about region of Middle East in a friendly environment.

Our mission is to educate and share knowledge about the Middle East and its culture, as we believe it is important to educate citizens about history, cultural heritage, Arabic language and also history of polish Muslims. With an overall objective to improve cross-cultural understanding, integration and communication between Them and us, we invite you to engage in our on-going activities to learn more about this beautiful part of our world.


Daniel Gołębiowski – MA in Middle Eastern studies and BA in international relations, young entrepreneur.He is developing his passion for Arab countries by promoting the Polish-Arab trade.

Zofia Jeziorna – sociologist, MA in Middle Eastern studies. For year and a half she studied and lived in Syria. Then she also worked for a year in Lebanon, in order to develop civil society in this country.